LIC's ENDOWMENT PLUS is a unit linked Endowment plan which offers investment-cum-insurance during the term of the policy.. Apply now and get the receipt the next day.

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LIC's ENDOWMENT PLUS is a unit linked Endowment plan which offers investment cum insurance cover during the term of the policy. You can choose the level of insurance cover within the limits, which will depend on the mode and level of premium you agree to pay.

Survival Benefit: On maturity the policy holder will receive an amount equal to the his Fund Value. Accident Benefit Rider Option: Accident Benefit (AB) can be availed of as an optional Rider benefit by paying an additional premium of Rs.0.50 for every Rs.1,000/- The Policyholder will have the option to choose any 1 of the below 4 Funds:

Death Benefit: In case of death of the policyholder when the cover is in full force, the nominee shall be eligible to get higher of Sum Assured under the Basic Plan and the Policyholder’s Fund Value as at the date of booking the liability. The liability shall be booked after receipt of intimation along with death certificate.
The sum assured is again be payable on the death of the other partner in case both the husband and wife were to die during the term of the policy. Vested bonus would also be paid along with the sum assured on the second death.

Premium paid in that financial year towards all life insurance come  with Tax rebate under Sec 80C and in case of Health insurance under sec 80D.