Key Features of LIC Infrastructure Bonds

Minimum tenure 10 years Lock In Period 5 years

Interest Rates Series I 7.5% per year (With Buyback Option) Series Il 8% per year

Investments up to Rs 20,000 pa will be exempted from tax u/s 80 CCF Rs 20,000 limit is In addition to Rs 1,00,000 limit of section 80C 80CCC & 80CCD After completion of 5 years the Investor can also exit through the secondary markets. Ideal for Investors looking for tax planning, regular Income and capital protection

Why You should Invest In Infrastructure Bonds?

Saving Investment up to Rs 20 000 In  will help you to save Rs 20 000 for future use.

Tax Saving Investments up to Rs 20,000 In Infrastructure bond will save tax of Rs 6180 (Including education cess) In the highest tax bracket of 30% Hence the net Investment is only of Rs 13,820

Assured Return Investments made In Infrastructure bonds guarantees you an assured Rate of Return as compared to Mutual Funds where returns are connected With the market and not guaranteed.

It will help you to ensure that you will not lose your peace of mind on Infrastructure bond Investments.

Reasonable Interest Rate Infrastructure Bonds offer Interest Rate of 6% 8% per annum which is taxable However the effective pre-tax yield works out to be 11.36% and post tax yield of 7.85% which is fairly decent. Hence while comparing with Fixed Deposits, Infrastructure bonds are a better option to compete with Inflation.

Ideal Investors All In all  seem to be an attractive Investment for taxpayers In the 30% and 20% tax slabs.

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How to buy LIC Infrastucture bonds?

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