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Life Insurance Corporation ( LIC) has been in the forefront to make the Indian people aware about the importance of life insurance in India. The reach of LIC Agent had helped LIC to penetrate in rural areas also. LIC has reached a trust beyond any other insurance brand in Indian market. With a strong network of over 2000 branches and stronger network of agents, LIC had made its products easily accessible to the people of India. Insurance Policy from LIC India is a must for every one. In India, Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is the largest Life Insurance Company in terms of Policy holders.

Many people dont realize the need for Life insurance until it is too late. Planning early would help the Insurance policy holder to save money and get tax exemption. Insurance plan would also mature at early stages of life so the benefits would also come early. Contact LIC Agent Bangalore at 9945689986 for LIC Life Insurance, tax saving plans, Term Insurance and Pension Plans.

Experienced, Full time, LIC Agents would be able to help you more than part time agents. Always go for after considering agents with experience, availability, performance, achievements etc., because after taking a plan you may not be able to change the agent so easily. Buying a Life Insurance for high sum assured, without medical tests is very risky. It is always advisable to buy term insurance plans with high risk coverage after a medical test. LIC is very strict with its medical tests, which is not the case in many other insurance companies. LIC term insurance plans are given after considering your Financial and Health status only. Please note LIC stands number ONE in terms of claim settlements. LIC Agent Bangalore can be called for any LIC policy in Bangalore at 9945689986.

LIC has  been established by an act of the Parliament and started functioning from 1/9/1956.

Premium paid in that financial year towards all life insurance policies come with Tax rebate under Sec 80C, 80CCE and in case of Health insurance under sec 80D of the Income Tax act.


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